Our Green Credentials

Kellmatt considers it our obligation to be as environmentally friendly as today’s print materials and technologies will allow.

We are committed to achieving Environmental best practice across the business wherever possible.

We promote responsible forest management and as part of our commitment will only use paper supplied by merchants who are FSC certified.

It is, however, in the area of print and paper usage that the highest environmental impact is felt and accordingly our waste paper is recycled and our machinery and premises are as energy efficient as we can make them.

We believe that digital printing is the future for the environmentally conscious printer as it eliminates the need for lithographic plates, chemical usage and reduces waste involved in making the machines ready. This efficiency means that less paper and less energy can be used to fulfill the actual print request. To this end, all of our disposable components are sent back to Xerox for recycling back into the supply chain.

We understand that it is essential that our environmental impact needs to be reduced for the sake of our planet.

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